TREND works your credit balances for you,

so that you can reallocate your people to cash generating activities.

The Credit Balance Conundrum

You have to work ‘em, they dont generate cash, they use resources.

The Credit Balance Conundrum

You have to work ‘em, they dont generate cash, they use resources.

TREND operates as an extension of the provider’s business office, leveraging TRENDConnect to accurately & efficiently resolve credit balances

Seamless Workflow

Ingest Credit Balance Data
TRENDConnect ingests credit balance data from provider’s patient accounting system
Analyze Credit Balances
TRENDConnect analyzes credit balances to determine which are true overpayments vs. adjustment errors or mis-postings
Validate Findings
TREND analyst validates findings in TRENDConnect and resolves errors in provider’s system
Provider Review
Provider reviews and approves / denies overpayments in TRENDConnect, with ability to automate based on provider preferences
TRENDConnect Resolution
If approved by provider, payer reviews and approves / denies overpayments in TRENDConnect

If approved by provider and payer, TRENDConnect processes refunds / retractions of overpayments

TREND offers comprehensive credit balance resolution and reporting, typically AT NO COST to providers

TREND Technologies

TRENDConnect is built with leading-edge technologies which enable high scalability, security and usability

The TREND Difference

Provider #1

20 Hospitals

“TREND is kind of an extension of my team, so what we expect from my team we expect from them… They respond very timely to any question with reports, claim issues, what is the status of an account – their communication is probably one of the best I have seen.”

Provider #2

10 Hospitals

“TREND’s technology is a strength, because I have no idea how they are able to manipulate that data. And the reports that we receive are very helpful… We work very well with them and have bi-weekly calls with them to see where we are. They are very supportive.”

Provider #3

36 Hospitals
$10B NPR

“Where TREND really benefits us is in taking the book of credit balances and using algorithms and complex data analytics to figure out what accounts have likely overpayments that need to be refunded to the payers. We can’t do that with our billing system.”

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