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Revenue Cycle

Managing and reconciling credit balances is tedious and costly, yet is a key business requirement for any facility to ensure profitability, sustainability and compliance in today’s healthcare environment. TREND can ease that cost burden by delivering a configurable credit balance resolution strategy and comprehensive reporting package that is unique to your facility.

TRENDConnect is the difference 

TREND provides a comprehensive, technology enabled solution created from a configurable suite of business service modules designed to minimize the cost and maximize the efficiency of the provider’s revenue cycle.

Our unique solutions are built on an advanced HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based technology platform that helps our provider partners reduce redundancy, minimize cost and manage precious resources more effectively.

Our Solutions

TREND provides a comprehensive suite of solutions for health service providers of any size to identify and resolve all types of credit balances through a mix of on-site recovery analysts and technology enabled solutions.

Credit Balance Resolution

We resolve credit balances, not just overpayments, and recover on behalf of our insurance payer clients as an extension of the provider’s business office. Our recovery analysts take ownership of their assigned accounts to bring them to an accurate and efficient resolution, as we maximize our value to you. You control the process. We ensure it is done efficiently and accurately.

Correspondence Management

TREND delivers a comprehensive and customizable solution for managing correspondence. TRENDTrack is our secure, cloud-based refund correspondence management application that can be easily integrated into your back-office revenue cycle processes. It will reduce duplication, prioritize work and streamline the correspondence workflow to help your facility reduce administrative costs.

Provider Self-reported Refunds

Manage, track, submit and report on your inventory of health plan overpayment refunds. TRENDSubmit links your refunds directly to the health plan’s paid claims data. Our application provides your team with real-time status updates, an accurate audit trail and comprehensive reporting to provide key insights for root cause analysis and process improvement.

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