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Payment Integrity

The investment in payment integrity programs by payers over the past decade has become a key organizational strategy to contain the costs associated with healthcare in the United States. The complexity within the US healthcare system creates a significant challenge for any payer in ensuring they pay accurately and timely. Trend Health Partners provides a comprehensive suite of solutions to identify, recover and even prevent overpayments for all types of insurance payers.

TRENDConnect is the difference 

TRENDConnect is a highly secure financial transaction resolution platform built specifically to address the inherent complexities of our $3 trillion healthcare billing and payment ecosphere.

Our unique solutions provide an opportunity to bring the payer data sets and payment history together with the provider billing and reimbursement history. TREND then links various disparate financial transactions between both parties through advanced analytics for root cause analysis to identify and recover significantly more overpayments.

Our Solutions

 TREND provides a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to complement any existing overpayment and recovery identification program provided by a commercial or government sponsored health plan.

Payment Accuracy

TREND has designed a medical claim analytics technology platform that applies proven multi-dimensional algorithms to a unique and flexible set of business rules. Thus, TREND is able to drive the identification of more complex claim scenarios leading to significantly more identifications and recoveries.

Credit Balance Recovery

Credit Balance Recovery is a critical component of a mature payment integrity program at any payer. The identification of the overpayment occurs outside of the paid claims and eligibility data within the payer’s environment and inside provider data sets. TREND deploys a team of highly-skilled and well connected recovery analysts to perform on-site credit balance reviews at provider’s business offices. We identify and recover incrementally more claims utilizing technology enabled solutions and a streamlined approach.

Refund Request Collections

Streamline the recovery of your internally identified or other vendor identified overpayments through TRENDTrack. This service module electronically delivers claim overpayment details to the provider for review, dispute and approval in real-time to facilitate a transparent and collaborative recovery process.

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