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Care Management

Determine medical appropriateness and real-time reimbursement clarity through industry-leading technology.

Health Plan Care Management

TREND Health Partners’ CAVO® technology supports the need for extracting key information from medical records and various attachments to ensure they are supported and reflected in the provider-submitted forms. CAVO can review complex authorizations in which multiple parties within the care management function must collaboratively review and make determinations from information within the medical record.

Why use TREND for Care Management Solutions?

TREND Health Partners’ CAVO® technology ensures an unparalleled level of performance, surpassing expectations through a powerful trifecta of enhanced accuracy, boosted productivity, and increased efficiency. CAVO goes beyond the ordinary, offering a comprehensive and impactful approach that redefines standards and delivers exceptional results.


Enhanced Accuracy

CAVO reduces medically inappropriate services and streamlines the authorization workflow.

Boosting Productivity

Incorporate clinical and coding guidelines all on one screen within the CAVO platform.

Increased Efficiency

Easily aggregate, compile, and review relevant clinical information throughout the entire length of stay.

Utilization Reviews

Utilization Reviews

Health plans can use utilization review to ensure appropriate care, as it’s an evidence-based process. CAVO’s proprietary technology uses various AI components to identify elements containing specific characteristics such as vital signs, labs, medications administered, and diagnosis codes within the medical record. CAVO can capture EMR data within the medical record and present the item, value, and dates to the user so they can easily navigate and efficiently make UR determinations with confidence.

Prior Authorizations

Prior Authorizations

CAVO can streamline the authorization workflow process with real-time reimbursement clarity and clinical determinations.

Our CAVO technology is supported by ML/NLP with the ability to automate 60%-75% of the administrative tasks utilizing coverage rules and clinical data.

CAVO reduces the need for peer-to-peer reviews with timely receipt of information for immediate decisions.

Medical Record Tagging

Medical Record Tagging

CAVO solves common medical record review challenges.

The technology removes the need to index medical records as all text is automatically indexed, allowing it to be searched.

On average, leveraging AI technology can perform 3x the workload with the same resources.

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